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I have been going to the same dermatologist for more than fifteen years so he has seen my ongoing hair loss as well as my ever receding hair-line. But since I have had the hair replacement procedures (follicular hair transplants and then FUE) from Dr. Bernstein, my dermatologist continually comments on how much hair I now have on my head. He also told me that years ago, he would actually teach other dermatologists how to do hair transplants so that he has the ability to discern a ‘good job’ from a ‘bad job’. After examining my scalp and running his fingers through my hair, my dermatologist commented as to how natural my new hairline looks. His exact words were “YOU GOT A G-R-E-A-T JOB”!

I used to hate going to my hair-stylist for a haircut or even a trim. I always washed my hair at home before going to the salon because I was embarrassed for the hair-washer to see how bald I actually was. I was always careful to tell my stylist to leave enough hair on the sides of my head such that I could do a ‘comb-over’ in a futile effort to mask my never ending hair loss. But since I have had the follicular hair replacements and FUE procedure from Dr. Bernstein, I actually look forward to getting my haircuts and trims. I no longer need to do the ‘comb-over’. I even let the hair-washer wash my hair! My stylist can’t believe the results. She repeatedly tells me that my new hairline looks completely natural and normal for someone my age. As a stylist, she also said that she has seen the results of literally dozens of men’s hair transplants and they never looked as good as mine does.

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