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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration


I have researched this procedure for 15 years. After the seminar with Dr. Bernstein I am convinced that I am DOING it and that Dr. Bernstein WILL be the Doctor.

I would never have believed that there really existed a true professional and honest Doctor. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to witness an actual procedure and talk with a patient as the surgery was in progress.

That’s what I hoped for and expected. Photo’s just didn’t warrant my trust from any Doctor.
When I met actual patients and saw Dr. Bernstein’s “work “I was totally convinced. I was even more convinced when I heard Dr. Bernstein recommend that a particular person “not bother “, and just live with hair loss

A lot of Doctors would ” sell ‘ anybody, but I believe and I am convinced that Dr. Bernstein is a true professional and ethical Doctor. In this “world” it is almost hard to believe.

Thank You


S. I.

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