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Dr. Bernstein,

I began losing my hair around 19 years of age. I felt powerless to do anything about my hair loss. I always felt that if hair transplantation improved from the doll’s hair look that I would consider it. After attending an open house in your New York office, I felt convinced that a hair transplant was for me.

I arrived for my hair restoration surgery at about 7:30am. The staff was very friendly, professional and attentive. The surgery itself was painless. I would say the only discomfort I experienced was the actual shots of anesthesia in my scalp. I watched movies, had a nice lunch and finished my hair restoration procedure around 4:00pm.

As I said, I started losing my hair around age 19. So most of my adult life I have been bald. I can’t describe what a thrill it was to actually see hair growing on my scalp at the age of 38. The growth was slow and steady. I would say all of the transplanted hair grew in by 12 months after my procedure. It feels great to have hair again.

I had told some people I worked with that I was going to have a hair transplant and some were skeptical about the results. After my hair restoration procedure the growth was so gradual when my hair started to grow in that some people forgot about it. I so very happy with the results I received. My brother has even had a procedure with you! Dr. Bernstein thanks again for everything.

I. R.

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