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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration

Dr. Bernstein,

Having had previous hair transplant procedures with other Doctors, I feel that I am in the position to comment on my experience in your office.

I must compliment you and your staff on making my hair restoration procedure a very pleasurable experience. I would also like to sincerely thank you for your complete professionalism and honesty. Let me explain what I mean.

Just prior to the procedure, as I was sitting in the operating room you came in to review the areas that you were going to transplant. My procedure was for 500 grafts, in the case of hair transplants, this is considered a mini-session. As you were reviewing the course of action I said to you that if you feel that I need more grafts than previous discussed I had no problem with your decision. At this point you could have very easily told me just about any reasonable recommendation and I would have agreed to it. Your response to me was that 500 grafts would be sufficient. I am aware that this could have been the ideal opportunity to generate additional income to your practice. But based upon your response, you showed me that you are a man of complete integrity and professionalism. In this day and age it is quite refreshing to know that there are still Doctors out there that are more interested in the well being of their patients than the all mighty dollar.


K. K.

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