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Dear Dr. Bernstein,

Ever since I was diagnosed in 1987 with hereditary hair loss and advised that I was a candidate for hair transplantation, I knew that “someday” I would undergo the procedure. Over the years, my hair loss became noticeable (and not just to me, as it probably was in 1987) and in 2001 I visited your website, and then your office for a free consultation. Your friendly and supportive staff, and your own knowledge, kindness and sense of humor, along with your confirmation that I was indeed a candidate for a hair restoration procedure, finally gave me the courage to have the surgery.

Well, the most stressful part of the day of surgery was my worry that the taxi would not show up to take me from Manhattan to Fort Lee where I planned to have the hair restoration procedure! Once I arrived, your wonderful staff put me at ease and the only pain I experienced all day was a slight pinprick sensation when the local anesthetic was given to me. The pleasant haze I was in during the procedure, along with the conversation and banter I enjoyed with you and your staff, made the whole experience almost enjoyable! I went home and relaxed for a few days in pleasant anticipation of the good results I knew would follow.

For several months I made myself forget about constantly running to the mirror, and about 10 months later I noticed a definite improvement in the fullness of my hair in the front. After about 18 months, I was very happy with the results and felt that I had a “normal” head of hair for the first time in years. In 2005 I had a second procedure and now feel that I am almost in that fortunate group of “thick-haired” people.

I would urge any woman who is a candidate for a hair transplant to have no qualms or hesitation about having the surgery at Bernstein Medical. There is no “down side” to it–just a day or two out of your life and wonderful results within the year. Now I never have to worry about having the sun shine on my head; I am able to style my hair any way I want to – the main objective is no longer to make sure it’s all combed back over my scalp in the hope of disguising my condition. Honestly, sometimes I have to remind myself that I once had this problem. Having my hair transplant in your office was one of the biggest favors I ever did for myself.

L. K.

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