Letter #102 - Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration

Letter #102

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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration

Dear Dr. Bernstein:

I continue to be exceptionally pleased with the results of your fine work. It was very disturbing to me to watch my appearance change so drastically when I started losing my hair in my thirties. Wearing a hair piece for several years did return my appearance to what I thought it should be but was a constant source of anxiety and required time and money consuming maintenance to have it continue to look its best. And even then, I knew that people could tell that I was “wearing” hair and not growing it.

Choosing surgery was easy, but choosing a hair restoration surgeon was not. I’m glad that I did my homework and I’m more than glad that I chose a very professional and detailed oriented person such as yourself to perform my hair transplants. Both procedures went smoothly and your staff was exceptional in their support and kindness. I just celebrated my 50th birthday last month and certainly have other age related anxieties but hair loss is not one of them. My hair looks great, natural and even though more of it is gray, all that it requires is a haircut once a month.

O. A.

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