Hair Loss Consultation on 'Queer Eye' TV Show
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October 15th, 2007

Dr. Bernstein appeared in one of the final episodes of the Bravo TV series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” In the show, a “straight” or heterosexual man; who is in need of advice on grooming, fashion, lifestyle and culture; is helped by a team of five gay men who are experts in these various areas.

Watch a clip of the video:

See the video at YouTube or go to the Bernstein Medical YouTube channel to watch more videos on hair transplantation and hair transplant repair.

In episode #231 entitled “Engagement,” Kyan Douglas, the resident grooming expert for Queer Eye brought Jeff L. and his best friend Mike, both of whom were concerned about their thinning hair, to see Dr. Robert Bernstein at the Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration in New York.

In the video, Dr. Bernstein began his analysis by asking 33 year old Jeff L. various questions about his hair loss and then analyzing the density of his donor area using a small device called a Densitometer. Through this instrument Dr. Bernstein is able to view hair counts, the quality of actual hairs and their thickness.

Because Jeff had early thinning, Dr. Bernstein explained that he was a very good candidate for medical treatment and would benefit from starting Finasteride (Propecia) rather than hair restoration surgery at this time.

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