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October 1st, 2019

New Development in Hair Loss Medications for Women

After a long wait, there is a potential new development in the field of hair loss drug treatments. Kintor Pharmaceuticals, a Chinese drug company, has developed a new androgen receptor targeted drug called KX-826. The medicine is applied in topical form to the scalp and works by reducing the ability of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to attach to its androgen receptor in the follicle. DHT is the hormone largely responsible for androgenetic alopecia or genetic thinning. By weakening this interaction, KX-826 may be a suitable topical option to slow hair loss.

While oral finasteride is currently the most popular drug used to block the formation of DHT and thus slow hair loss, KX-826 does not interfere with the amount of DHT produced. This makes KX-826 potentially safe for use in women, since DHT production is left unaltered and other body hormone levels will be not be disrupted. Currently, KX-826 has finished Phase 1 clinical trials in the US and China and is set to begin phase 2 clinical trials soon.

The hair loss community is waiting with anticipation for the results of Kintor’s clinical trials to be completed since there has not been an FDA-approved drug indicated for hair loss since approval of finasteride in 1997.

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