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May 24th, 2019

Long Hair FUE allows patients to have a Robotic Hair Transplant without needing any immediate cosmetic recovery time. This can only be done in the patient grew the hair on the back and sides of the scalp long enough to cover the harvested area.

In this video, Dr. Bernstein demonstrates the first step of the Long-Hair Robotic FUE technique, clipping a strip of hair in the donor area. Follicular unit grafts are extracted from this area allowing for the hair to be brushed back down to cover any evidence of the procedure.

This is different than what is done in traditional FUE procedures, where most of the hair in the back and sides of the scalp is clipped close to the scalp. When the hair is clipped short, it may be recognizable that you’ve undergone a hair transplant for up to weeks post-op. The Long-Hair Robotic FUE technique has been implemented to eliminate this cosmetic inconvenience.

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