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Patient CLF is a Norwood Class 5A and has medium fine, blonde hair of average density. Dr. Bernstein’s patient was featured in Cosmetic Surgery Times in the article “Follicular Transplants Mimic Natural Hair Growth Patterns.” This was the first published case of Follicular Unit Transplantation. Results shown are after two hair transplants totaling 3,686 follicular unit grafts.

Slideshow of Hair Restoration

Position of Hairline
Position of Hairline
Recipient Sites
Recipient Sites
After 1st Hair Transplant Session
After 1st Hair Transplant Session
After 2nd Hair Transplant Session
After 2nd Hair Transplant Session

Distribution of Recipient Sites & Detail of Hairline

Position of hairline, the distribution of 2,500 follicular unit grafts in the first session, the results of the first session and then the final result after a second session of an additional 1,186 grafts.

Change In Appearance After One Hair Transplant Session

Patients can often achieve their goals in just one session. CLF is a great example! A second session the following year just added more density.

After 1st Hair Transplant Session
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