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Patient BAG is an Asian woman who had carbon tattoos to strengthen her eyebrows that she felt were too thin. The tattooing, however, looked unnatural and she had them removed surgically. Subsequent surgical removal left shiny white scars. One eyebrow hair transplant procedure of 110 single-hair micrografts were used for the restoration of each eyebrow. A second session will be required for complete eyebrow restoration.

Slideshow of Hair Restoration

Before Eyebrow Transplant
Before Eyebrow Transplant
Position of Eyebrows
Position of Eyebrows
Recipient Sites
Recipient Sites
After 1st Eyebrow Transplant Session
After 1st Eyebrow Transplant Session

Steps In Eyebrow Transplant

In the procedure 110 single-hair grafts were placed into each eyebrow.

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