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The Oprah Winfrey Show Oprah along with health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz, invited Dr. Bernstein to talk about hair restoration on “Dr. Oz Reports! From Hair Transplants to Heart Attacks.” This special health episode featured video footage of Dr. Bernstein performing a hair transplant, along with the post-operative patient live onstage and an exam conducted on a member of the audience. Visit Oprah’s YouTube Channel.
The Today Show hosted by Matt Lauer has a three-day special on hair loss and its treatment. Dr. Bernstein discusses modern hair transplantation and is shown performing his pioneering Follicular Unit Hair Transplant procedure. The show also highlights one of Dr. Bernstein’s hair transplant patients.
CBS News including which features video of an appearance that Dr. Bernstein made on the The Early Show discussing hair loss options and hair transplants for women.
ABC News has produced many stories on hair loss and hair restoration. Visit their site to see several videos of Dr. Bernstein.
Good Morning America and Charlie Gibson invited Dr. Bernstein for a live interview and filming of hair transplantation surgery in a show entitled “The Bald Facts.” See their site for the latest health information.
Discovery Channel invited Dr. Bernstein to appear as an expert surgeon discussing hair transplant repair on a special program entitled “Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong.”
New York Daily News has featured a page on their web site about Dr. Bernstein along with links to his many web casts on hair restoration options.
The New York Post provides users of their online version with links to transcripts and video of interviews with Dr. Bernstein such as “Using Cloning Techniques in Hair Transportation” and “Hair Transportation Techniques.” is the largest men’s portal on the Web with over 6.8 million readers a month. Read an interview with Dr. Bernstein and see a video entitled “Treating Hair Loss: What Should Men Expect?.”

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