Stem Cell Therapy May Counter Male, Female Genetic Hair Loss
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According to a study ((Fukuoka H, Suga H. Hair Regeneration Treatment Using Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Conditioned Medium: Follow-up With Trichograms. EPlasty, March 26, 2015, 15:e10.)) published in ePlasty (a peer-reviewed, open access medical journal), stem cell therapy has been found to increase new hair growth in both males and females who have androgenetic alopecia (genetic hair loss).

The Study

Researchers treated a group of male and female androgenetic alopecia patients with stem cells derived from fat tissue (called adipose-derived stem cells). Additionally, to see if finasteride would confer any additional benefit along with any possible benefit of stem cell treatment, the researchers gave finasteride to half of the male patients.

After the treatment, the researchers observed a significant growth of new hair in both male and female subjects, with no significant difference between males and females. Finasteride conferred no significant additional hair growth benefit to males also receiving stem cell therapy.

The researchers concluded that injections of stem cells into the scalp of alopecia patients appears to be an effective hair loss treatment and may represent a new avenue of therapy, especially for men who do not respond well to finasteride and for women who currently have limited medical treatment options.

While there was no significant difference in hair growth between those males treated with stem cells and finasteride and those treated with stem cells alone, the researchers plan to conduct more carefully designed studies in the future to better evaluate the benefit of combining these two therapies.

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