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Hair Loss in Women

May 30th, 2017

Dr. Wolfeld describes the criteria he uses at Bernstein Medical to determine if a woman is a good candidate for surgical hair transplantation.

Transcript of the video:

So, what makes a woman a candidate for a hair transplant procedure?

Well, number one, upon examination we have to make sure that the cause of the hair loss is androgenetic alopecia and rule out other forms of alopecia such as scarring alopecias or inflammatory or autoimmune type of alopecias that are not amenable to a hair transplant procedure.

Number two would be to make sure that a woman has sufficient thinning in the recipient areas of the frontal hairline and frontal scalp and the temples to warrant a hair transplant procedure.

Number three would be to evaluate the donor area in the back and sides of the scalp to make sure that the hair is thick enough and there is sufficient density of hair to be able to perform the procedure as well as sufficient laxity or looseness of the scalp in order to harvest the follicular unit grafts, or the hairs, to be able to be transplanted to the front of the scalp.

These are reasons or the criteria that would make a woman a candidate for a hair transplant procedure.

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