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October 24th, 2016

Many people ask if the ARTAS Robotic System can perform a Robotic FUE hair transplant on hair that is curly or light in color. Dr. Wolfeld answers this question and discusses when it is necessary to dye white hair in advance of robotic procedures.


Another question that comes up in our consultations is whether someone is a candidate for an ARTAS Robotic FUE procedure. We generally get asked the question: I’ve heard that the robotic procedure is best for straight black hair, but my hair is wavy or curly, am I still a candidate? Well, anybody can be a candidate for the procedure even if you have wavy or curly hair, or if your is not black or dark pigmented hair. In general, the hair to be shaved to 1mm in length for the robot to be able to sense the hair and be able to accurately punch the graft without damaging the graft. So when someone has wavy or curly hair, when shaved to 1mm there’s no problem with the robot to be able to sense it and accurately harvest the graft.

Patients who have white hair do have to dye their hair before the procedure. The optical sensors for the ARTAS robot can’t sense the white hair that patients have. Patients don’t have to have all white hair, they can have 50% or salt and pepper type hair, but if there is a majority or a significant amount of white hair, then usually that hair will need to be dyed as well. That can be done either the evening before the procedure or the morning of the procedure. And just the hair in the donor area of the back and sides would have to be dyed, not the hair of the entire scalp.

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