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April 21st, 2016


Dr. Bernstein demonstrates a Long-Hair Robotic FUE procedure using the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System and shows the technique for using the robot to harvest donor hair from the sides of the scalp above the ear. With a long-hair robotic FUE procedure the patient can return to normal activities and work without the donor area being visible. In the second half of the video, Dr. Bernstein shows that simple elevation of the head with an extra pillow allows easy access of the ARTAS robot to the donor area above the ear.

Transcript of the video:

The first thing I’d like to show in this short video is Long-Hair Robotic FUE. Instead of harvesting from a broad, wide area, we harvest the hair through a long, thin band and then the patient just combs his hair down over this area. So just before this video started, I trimmed the person’s hair, this is the band that is going to be harvested. My assistant is actually taping his hair up now. You can see, after the procedure we just remove the tape and then the hair falls back down and will camouflage the area we harvested it from. He had a [FUT] strip procedure before, so you can see [the scar] right below the fringe.

This is the area above the ear that we are going to be harvesting.

When we do this procedure it is important to elevate the head with two pillows. This will allow better access to the temple area. This is really the most important trick.

Now I am applying the tensioner, and what this does is stretches the scalp, stabilizes it, and it allows the ARTAS robot to visualize the area that is going to be harvested.

We bring the robotic arm over in position. The newer iterations of the robot will actually do this automatically. The robot is now sensing the hair follicles and aligning itself up parallel to the hair before it starts to harvest. As you know, the old robots had a red light, this now has a white light. It’s hard to see exactly what is going on in the video, but it is much easier for assistants to work on the patient as the harvesting takes place, if they want to start extraction, for example.

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