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March 24th, 2017

Dr. Wolfeld responds to a frequently asked question regarding second hair transplant procedures. People often wonder what type of procedure is best for a second transplant after a first transplant using the FUT technique.

Transcript of the video:

I have patients that come in for a consult who have had one or more previous FUT “strip” procedures, and they ask me, “Am I a candidate for another hair transplant procedure, whether it’s an FUT or FUE procedure?” What’s important is to evaluate the patient’s scalp, and they may be a candidate for another procedure, whether it’s FUT or FUE. And that depends on several factors.

One factor is the laxity (looseness) of their scalp and how the previous FUT scar or scars have healed. If the previous FUT scar is a fine scar and if they have sufficient laxity of the scalp, then it may be reasonable to perform another FUT procedure; where we would remove the previous scar and they would still be left with one scar. And to do another FUT procedure.

However, if they have a widened FUT scar and a tight scalp, then another FUT procedure likely is not the reasonable way to go. In that case, I would usually recommend an ARTAS Robotic FUE procedure to perform the hair transplant. Now doing that procedure, it also depends on the density that is remaining in the back and sides of the scalp. If they have sufficient density to do the procedure, then the extent of coverage depends on the density they have and the area that needs to be filled.

One option is that if they have a scar from the previous FUT procedure that is widened, it is possible to harvest the grafts using the ARTAS Robotic FUE technique and then place those grafts into the scar. That really helps camouflage the scar and makes the scar less noticeable, and patients really like the outcome from this.

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