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Patient QNI had a scalp reduction and a dense row of large grafts that, fortunately, were positioned high up on his frontal hairline. Three hair transplant sessions using follicular units were needed in the repair to create the camouflage. Patient QNI has written a letter to Dr. Bernstein which we have posted on our Letters from Patients page.

Slideshow of Hair Restoration

Before Hair Transplant Repair
Before Hair Transplant Repair
Position of Hairline
Position of Hairline
After 3rd Hair Transplant Session
After 3rd Hair Transplant Session

Detail of Hairline

Note how the new hairline is brought a full inch below the old grafts.

Full-face View

Note how the repair, in addition to camouflaging the larger grafts, places QNI’s hairline in a more natural position.

Before Repair
After 3rd Session
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Updated 2017-09-27
Published 2010-05-25