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Two Weeks After Procedure

Patient QTK desired fuller eyebrows. The restoration was performed using a long-hair eyebrow transplant. In this technique, the donor hair is clipped to the length of the existing eyebrows, so that the person will get a sense of the final result immediately following the eyebrow transplant. In the procedure, 262 single-hair micro-grafts were used.

Slideshow of Hair Restoration

Before Eyebrow Restoration
Before Eyebrow Restoration
Immediately Following Procedure
Immediately Following Procedure
Two Weeks After Eyebrow Restoration
Two Weeks After Eyebrow Restoration

Details of the Restoration

Note that immediately following the procedure one gets a sense of how the eyebrow restoration will look. At two weeks the eyebrow transplant is completely healed with only a little flaking that is a tell-tale sign of the surgery. Over the next few weeks the transplanted hair will be shed and around two to three months post op the permanent eyebrow hair will begin to grow. The eyebrow restoration will “mature” over the course of about a year, at which time one can see the final result.

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Updated 2015-01-22
Published 2010-09-29