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January 9, 2009

Avoiding Pitfalls in Hair Transplantation

In “Avoiding Pitfalls in Hair Transplantation,” Dr. Bernstein alerts patients to potential problems when considering a hair transplant. Over the past decade many technical advances have been made in the field of surgical hair restoration, but problems still remain. One of the most significant of these is recommending hair transplants for persons who are not good candidates for surgery.

The most common reason that a person should not proceed with surgery is that the person is simply too young and their hair loss is too early. Most people who are in the early stages of balding are best treated with medications. When a person is young, their hair loss pattern is often too unpredictable to properly plan a surgical procedure. In addition, young persons may have expectations that are too high – often demanding the density and hairline of a teenager. A hair transplant can rarely accomplish this goal. For some, time is needed to facilitate making a level-headed decision in the very emotional issue of managing one’s hair loss.

To read more about avoiding potential problems in dealing with your own hair loss, please see Avoiding Pitfalls in Hair Transplantation on our website

Hair Loss & Replacement for Dummies

Drs. Rassman, Bernstein, Pak and Schweiger have written the definitive layman’s book on hair restoration: Hair Loss & Replacement for Dummies. The easy-to-read text is filled with important information for men and women of virtually all ages anxious to preserve their hair, put the brakes on balding, or explore the safest and most reliable hair restoration techniques available.

This book offers readers a clear, to the point explanation of the types and causes of hair loss and the full gamut of modern-day hair-treatments, including both medical and surgical options. It sets the facts straight on hair products, toupees, concealers, vitamins, diets, medications, and other remedies used in the quest for a full head of hair.

Hair Loss & Replacement for Dummies is available through Go to to order the book or visit our web site for a link to purchase.

Updated: 2018-01-12 | Published: 2009-01-09