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August 27, 2012

Dr. Bernstein Proposes Improvements to Manual, Robotic FUE Procedures

Robotic FUE has improved Follicular Unit Extraction by automating what has been a difficult and often inexact manual procedure. The benefits of Robotic FUE are several and are covered in depth on our website. Dr. Bernstein has just published an article in Hair Transplant Forum International that seeks to improve the FUE procedure even further, regardless of whether follicular units are extracted using the FUE robot or by hand.

In his article, Dr. Bernstein suggests two techniques to enhance the procedure. First, he recommends that surgeons create recipient sites prior to extraction, in order to decrease the time grafts are in their holding solution outside the body. Second, he suggests adding time between site creation and graft harvesting and placement, to allow recipient site healing to progress.

These two modifications to the FUE procedure can potentially contribute to better growth due to easier, less traumatic graft insertion, a shortened time “out of body,” and the creation of a more fertile bed for the implanted grafts. Read about these and other potential advantages of pre-making recipient sites.

Read the news article “Dr. Bernstein Proposes Improvements to FUE Hair Transplant Procedures”

Read the full paper in the Medical Publications section, “Pre-Making Recipient Sites in FUE Procedures”

Updated: 2018-01-12 | Published: 2012-08-27