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July 13, 2012

‘Best Doctors’ Issue Of NY Magazine Includes Dr. Bernstein For 13th Consecutive Year

Dr. Bernstein was included in New York Magazine’s ‘Best Doctors‘ issue for the thirteenth consecutive year. When asked of his inclusion in this annual peer-reviewed list, Dr. Bernstein, a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University in New York City, said, “It is an honor to be recognized by New York Magazine. Our passion for providing the best hair loss treatments has served as the impetus for pushing the envelope in utilizing new state-of-the-art hair restoration techniques, such as improved holding solutions for grafts and robotic assisted hair transplants.”

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Robotic FUE Hair Transplants at Bernstein Medical

Robotic FUE hair transplantation is available at Bernstein Medical. This is a major advance in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology. For those patients who are candidates for FUE, the ARTAS system allows us to more effectively isolate follicular unit grafts from the donor area of the scalp, causing less damage to individual follicles. This problem has been a significant drawback of manual FUE techniques. Bernstein Medical is the first facility on the East Coast to use the image-guided, computer-driven robotic system for FUE.

The advantages of Robotic FUE over manual FUE include:

  • Increased accuracy of graft harvesting, which minimizes damage to follicles
  • Reduced harvesting time
  • Increased graft survival

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Open House for Women’s Hair Loss With Bernstein Medical Associate Dr. Shah

Dr. Sejal Shah, M.D., F.A.A.D. will be holding the next Open House for Women’s Hair Loss on Monday, July 30th at 4:00pm. Dr. Shah is an Associate at Bernstein Medical, and an Assistant Attending in Dermatology at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, whose expertise is in diagnosing hair loss in women and medical therapies for the treatment of hair loss.

Dr. Shah is also currently involved in initiating clinical investigation into various medical treatments for scarring hair loss. Registration is required for attendance and space is limited. Please call 212-826-2400 to RSVP or register online.

Attend our Open House for Women’s Hair Loss at Bernstein Medical

Meet Dr. Shah

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