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Bernstein Mobile App

The Bernstein Medical Mobile App for the iPhone and Android™ mobile devices is a pocket guide to hair loss, hair transplant procedures, and of course the latest news and services from Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration. You can download them now at the Mac App StoreSM or Google Play™.

Download and install the app to your mobile device today:

Bernstein Medical App - Mac App StoreBernstein Medical App - Google Play

Here are some of the features you will find in our app:

  • Bernstein Medical Blog: All new content posted to our website (answers to frequently asked questions, video interviews with Dr. Bernstein, news items and announcements, Dr. Bernstein’s expert analysis of newly published research)
  • One-click Calling: Have a question or want to schedule an appointment? Click our phone number or the “call” icon and call us right away
  • YouTube Videos: Watch videos on the Bernstein Medical Youtube Channel
  • Hair Transplant Photos: Before and after photos of some of our male and female hair restoration patients
  • Interactive Map: Convenient map showing our location in New York City
  • Resources: Information and resources about hair restoration, hair loss, hair cloning, medical treatment, and lots more

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