Hair Loss Organizations and Websites

A number of sites that are specifically dedicated to hair loss, medical treatments, hair transplants and other types of surgical hair restoration. The sites include forums, chats and blogs. When browsing these sites, please keep in mind that much of the hair transplant information presented may be personal opinion, rather than scientifically proven fact.

Health Care, Medical Center & Physician Websites

These sites contain general information on health issues. It lists the major health related web sites as well as local medical and academic institutions and practices.

Community Organizations

These are organizations that are doing great work for individuals and the community and that we support.

Hair Transplant News

Specials on hair loss and surgical hair restoration in the news. In this section you will find select TV and Radio appearances where Dr. Bernstein discusses his pioneering hair transplant techniques.

Hair Salons

If you want to try a new stylist after your hair transplant, want to get rid of unwanted body hair, or just want to have a facial and relax, the salons listed here are worth exploring.

Hair Products

There is a large variety of over-the-counter hair products which claim to prevent hair loss. We describe several of the products here, but do so for general interest only. We do not endorse any of the products.

There are several cosmetic products on the market that can be very effective in camouflaging hair loss. View the cosmetic camouflage products in the medications section.

Medical Societies & Journals

This section lists the main medical societies and the medical journals that have important publications on hair loss, medical hair restoration and hair transplant surgery. These sites have the most authoritative information on hair loss.

Medications, Pharmaceutical Companies, & Online Pharmacies

To find out more information about a prescription medication for hair loss or to learn where you can purchase medications at a reasonable price online.

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