Photo Consultations for Hair Loss Patients
Outside the New York Area

Note: In-person consultations are preferred because an exam allows the doctor to better evaluate your hair loss. Schedule a Physician Consult

Can’t visit our hair restoration facility in New York City? Use our photo consultation service. Fill out the form below as completely as possible. Dr. Michael B. Wolfeld, one of our board certified hair restoration physicians, will contact you by e-mail after reviewing your submission. All information and photos that you supply are kept strictly confidential.

Michael Wolfeld, M.D.
Dr. Michael B. Wolfeld


  1. Submit one different photo for each of the four views (Front, Side or Angle, Top, and Rear). Please check to be sure that you included 4 distinct photos.
  2. Photos with dry hair only.
  3. Include your entire head. You may block out your face, but very close-up photos are not useful. The doctor needs to see the overall pattern of your hair loss.

Alternate Submission

Submit your photo consultation directly to Dr. Wolfeld by emailing your photos to [email protected].

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