The chronology that follows outlines the central role that Dr. Bernstein has played in the evolution of surgical hair restoration over more than a decade.

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Dr. Bernstein joins New Hair Institute to develop Follicular Unit Transplantation

Robert M. Bernstein, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologic surgeon in Manhattan, joins the New Hair Institute, to develop his idea of using follicular units in hair transplant procedures. The New Hair Institute (NHI) was founded by Dr. William Rassman in 1992 as a group of board certified physicians dedicated solely to hair restoration and specializes in performing “megasessions” and using “dense packing” techniques. Dr. Bernstein is appointed Medical Director of the Institute, the same year.

Bernstein and Rassman Publish “Follicular Transplantation” and Define a New Hair Restoration Technique

In their landmark publication Follicular Transplantation, Bernstein and Rassman state that hair transplantation should be performed using only naturally occurring, individual follicular units. The paper introduces the term “Follicular Unit” to the field and describes both the technique and planning needed to get the best long-term aesthetic results.


Dr. Bernstein Presents Follicular Transplantation at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. Bernstein presents the theory behind Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation and shows results of this technique to physicians at the International Meeting of the ISHRS. The attendees hardly appreciate the importance and future impact that this new technique will have, but are impressed with the incredibly natural results.

Dr. Bernstein Criticizes “Scalp Reduction” Procedure

In the publication, Are Scalp Reductions Still Indicated? published in Hair Transplant Forum International, Bernstein refutes the idea that patients with male pattern baldness may benefit from scalp reductions. He explains that scalp reductions simultaneously decrease scalp laxity and donor density, and thereby deplete a patient’s donor reserves. In addition, a scalp reduction creates a scar in the crown forcing the surgeon to place additional hair in the area to cover the scar. Following this article in 1996, there was a precipitous drop in the number of scalp reductions being performed. A decade later, scalp reduction surgery is almost never used to treat male pattern hair loss.

Bernstein and Rassman Attack Laser Use in Hair Transplants

In the publication Laser Hair Transplantation: Is it Really State of the Art?, published in the prestigious Journal of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, Drs. Bernstein and Rassman state that Lasers are not useful for creating hair transplant recipient sites and, in fact, cause more damage than sites made with needles. Lasers also decrease the ability of the surgeon to create a “snug fit” for the grafts and thus prevent the grafts from being held securely in place. As a result, lasers risk scarring and poor growth. Fortunately, “laser hair transplants” never gained popularity in surgical hair restoration, except as a tool for marketing.


Dr. Bernstein is Named “Surgeon of the Month”

Hair Transplant Forum International selects Robert M. Bernstein, M.D. as “Surgeon of the Month” for “introducing the concept of Follicular Transplantation” and for his pioneering work with this procedure. The Forum is the official publication of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Bernstein and Rassman Publish “Paired” Follicular Transplantation Articles that Become “Classic” Reference in Field

The articles Follicular Transplantation: Patient Evaluation and Surgical Planning and The Aesthetics of Follicular Transplantation are published in the prestigious journal, Dermatologic Surgery. These papers literally define the new field of Follicular Unit Transplantation. The Editor of Hair Transplant Forum international writes “Whatever happens, we will still be using something close to the Bernstein-Rassman technique in decades to come, as it provides convincing results with nature’s own building blocks…there is no doubt that their techniques are revolutionizing hair restoration surgery and almost every practitioner in this field has already been influenced by their past writings…”

Dr. Bernstein Defines “The Art of Follicular Transplantation” at ISHRS in Barcelona

At the 5th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in Barcelona, Spain; Dr. Bernstein presents “The Art of Follicular Transplantation.” In the presentation, he quantifies the characteristics of follicular units and details the ideal way to distribute follicular unit grafts to produce the best aesthetic results. A reviewer describes this presentation as “eloquent.”

Dr. Norwood Writes Follicular Transplantation is “An Idea Whose Time Has Come”

Editor Emeritus O’Tar Norwood visits Dr. Bernstein’s east coast hair transplant facility and is impressed with “scientific methods, academic honesty, and almost eerie instinctive knowledge of hair transplant surgery.” In an editorial describing his visit, he proclaims Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation as an “Idea Whose Time Has Come.”

American Academy of Dermatology Asks Dr. Bernstein to Hold Annual Focus Session

The American Academy of Dermatology requests Dr. Bernstein to give a Focus Session at its annual meeting that is solely devoted to Follicular Unit Transplantation. This request underscores the fact that the AAD recognizes the importance of this two-year old procedure. The focus session runs for five years.

Bernstein and Rassman Define “Delayed Growth” Phenomenon

In “What is Delayed Growth?” Bernstein and Rassman describe the occasional wide variability in growth rates seen after a hair transplant and speculate on possible causes. They hypothesize a disruption in the normally asynchronous human hair growth cycle as one possible cause.


Dr. Bernstein Leads Group of 21 in Developing Standard Hair Transplantation Terminology

Dr. Bernstein organizes a group of illustrious hair restoration surgeons in an attempt to unify the field of surgical hair restoration by setting standards for defining the most commonly performed hair transplant procedures. The purpose is to allow surgeons to be able to compare the results of scientific studies and to improve communication with their patients. The paper, Standardizing the classification and description of follicular unit transplantation and mini-micrografting techniques, formally changes the name “Follicular Transplantation” to “Follicular Unit Transplantation” and strictly defines the procedure as requiring stereo-microscopic dissection and single strip harvesting.

Dr. Bernstein is Appointed to Editorial Board of Prestigious Medical Journals

Dr. Bernstein is appointed to the editorial board of Dermatologic Surgery and the Journal of Aesthetic Dermatology & Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery. Dermatologic Surgery is the primary peer reviewed journal used by hair restoration surgeons use to publish their research.

Bernstein and Rassman Quantify Benefits of Stereo-Microscope in Hair Transplantation

Dissecting microscope versus magnifying loupes with transillumination in the preparation of follicular unit grafts is the first scientific paper to show the advantages of using a dissecting stereo-microscope for Follicular Unit Transplantation. This bilateral controlled study validates the benefits of the technique that had been introduced to the field by Dr. Bobby Limmer.

Bernstein and Rassman Warn that Automatic Graft Cutters Can Damage Follicles

Although the use of automated cutting devices to speed up the hair restoration process is appealing, in Blind graft production: Value at what cost?, Bernstein and Rassman caution physicians that the use of these devices may increase the speed of the procedure at the expense of quality and that they may result in an unacceptable degree of follicular damage.

Bernstein and Rassman Show Hair Shaft Diameter Critical to Hair Transplant

Drs. Bernstein and Rassman explain mathematically why hair shaft diameter is more important than absolute hair counts in determining the aesthetic results of hair restoration surgery and define both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the follicular unit.

Bernstein Exposes Physician “Fear” of Microscopes

In this short satire called Microscopophobia; Bernstein pokes fun at physicians who are afraid, or otherwise resistant, to introducing microscopes into their practices. The article gives a step-by-step cure for their follies.


“The Logic of Follicular Unit Transplantation” Published

Dow B. Stough, MD, a Founder of the ISHRS and Editor of Hair Transplant Forum International writes: “Everything you wanted to know about follicular unit transplantation, and then some. This monograph, presented by Bernstein and Rassman, can be thought of as a thesis on the subject of the follicular unit, this may be perhaps the most comprehensive accumulation of thoughts on the subject thus far.” The Logic of Follicular Unit Transplantation serves as the basis for the introductory chapter on the subject in Unger and Shapiro’s 2004 text, “Hair Transplantation.”

Dr. Bernstein Cautions on Using Excessive Adrenaline During Hair Transplant

Dr. Bernstein changes anesthesia techniques to make it more safe and effective and presents these techniques at the ISHRS. The research published the following year in Hair Transplant Forum International.

The 5th Edition of “The Patient’s Guide to Hair Restoration” Released

Rassman and Bernstein’s highly informative book on hair loss and its treatment, written predominantly for their patients, is updated with new sections on Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation, new medications, and a host of new “before and after photos” of patients with their hair restoration process completed.

Dr. Bernstein Appointed to ISHRS Scientific Committee

Dr. Bernstein is selected to serve on the Scientific and Education Committee of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. The function of this committee is to review submissions of research protocols that will decide the scientific grants and awards made by this international society.

Dr. Bernstein Holds First “Workshop” on Follicular Unit Transplantation

The first International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery workshop to be completely devoted to Follicular Unit Transplantation is given by Dr. Bernstein. The title of the workshop is “The Philosophy and Practical Application of Follicular Unit Transplantation”.

Dr. Bernstein Introduces New Suture for Hair Transplantation at International Meeting

In controlled clinical studies, Bernstein shows the advantages of Monocryl, a new absorbable suture that produces less skin irritation than other absorbable sutures and is more comfortable than other suture materials including staples. He also shows that the cosmetic result in the donor area is superior to other techniques.

Dr. Bernstein Heads Group to Predict “The Future in Hair Transplantation”

As this Millennium draws to an end, Bernstein asks eighteen prominent physicians and scientists to predict what they feel will be the future in the treatment of hair loss. The compilation of their views is titled The future in hair transplantation and published in the Journal of Aesthetic Dermatology & Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery.


Bernstein Named One of “The Best Doctors in New York”

Bernstein is cited in New York Magazine to be among the “Best Doctors in New York.” This selection to be among New York’s top physicians and surgeons was derived from nominations by other medical professionals that take into account a physician’s education, residency, board certification, hospital appointment, disciplinary record and reputation for dealing with patients.

Bernstein’s Leading Role in Hair Transplantation is Recognized

In “A History of Dermatologic Surgery in the United States” published in Dermatologic Surgery 2000, Dr. Bernstein is cited as one of the three Physicians to have played a leading role in Hair Transplantation in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Dr. Bernstein Presents “The Power of Graft Sorting in Follicular Unit Transplantation”

At the 8th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery held in Hawaii, Bernstein explains how one can maximize the aesthetic benefit of a hair transplant that uses follicular units exclusively. This includes meticulous stereo-microscopic dissection of the grafts into their naturally occurring groups and then distributing them according to their various sizes into specific regions of the scalp to produce the greatest cosmetic impact.

Bernstein and Rassman Caution on Excessive Use of Adrenaline in Hair Transplants

In the paper Limiting Epinephrine in Large Hair Transplant Sessions, Bernstein and Rassman warn that the use of “super juice” (very high concentrations of epinephrine) to control bleeding during a hair transplant may be dangerous. The authors describe other ways that bleeding can be easily controlled in hair transplant procedures of up to 2,400 grafts without the need for these high concentrations of epinephrine which may cause palpitations, anxiety, irregular heart rhythms and increase the risk of the hair restoration surgery.

Columbia University Promotes Bernstein to Associate Clinical Professor

The Department of Dermatology of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in New York, promotes Robert M. Bernstein, M.D. to Associate Clinical Professor for “Outstanding patient case, research, writing, lectures and most importantly teaching activities.”


Dr. Bernstein Receives “Platinum Follicle” Award

Dr. Bernstein receives the Platinum Follicle Award. This is the highest honor awarded by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. At the awards ceremony, the President of the ISHRS expressed: “I proudly present the 2001 Platinum Follicle Award to Robert M. Bernstein, M.D. Dr. Bernstein has contributed to the field of hair transplantation in dramatic and substantial ways, revolutionizing the advancement of Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation. His published articles have become ‘Bibles’ for this methodology.”

The Discovery Channel Features Dr. Bernstein and His Pioneering Hair Transplant Repair Techniques

In a special titled “Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong,” The Discovery Channel films Dr. Bernstein in the process of transforming a patent’s old plugs into a natural looking hairline using corrective techniques developed by Dr. Bernstein at the New Hair Institute.

Good Morning America Films Dr. Bernstein

In the ABC special “The Bald Facts,” Good Morning America features Dr. Bernstein performing his pioneering hair transplant procedures and airs his interview with Charlie Gibson. During the interview, Gibson, tongue-in-cheek, asks Bernstein about his own hair loss.

Bernstein and Rassman Publish “A New Suture for Hair Transplantation”

In “A New Suture for Hair Transplantation: Poliglecaprone 25“,Bernstein and Rassman introduce the suture Poliglecaprone 25 to the field of hair restoration surgery. This new absorbable suture is shown to be superior to other types of donor closures with respect to level of comfort, convenience, and healing.

The 6th Edition of “The Patient’s Guide to Hair Restoration” Published

The newest edition of Rassman and Bernstein’s popular guide includes new sections on drug therapy, surgical planning, and innovations in hair transplant repair. It has more than a hundred color photos showing patients in different stages of their restoration process.


“Follicular Unit Extraction” Published by Rassman and Bernstein

The first paper on Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is published by Rassman and Bernstein in the journal Dermatologic Surgery. The article Follicular Unit Extraction: Minimally invasive surgery for hair transplantation describes the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction, the indications for the procedure and the limitations of the technique. The doctors explain the role of FUE as a complement to, rather than a replacement of, FUT.

Bernstein and Rassman Publish Definitive Work on Corrective Procedures

In the paired articles “The Art of Repair in Surgical Hair Restoration – Part I: Basic Repair Strategies and Part II: “The Tactics of Repair” that appeared in Dermatologic Surgery, Bernstein and Rassman present both the conceptual framework for repairs and a practical approach to fixing the poor hair restoration procedures of the past. An important conclusion from their studies is that microscopically dissecting and redistributing existing large grafts prior to camouflage with follicular units is critical.

Dr. Bernstein Featured on The Early Show Discussing Women’s Hair Loss

On the CBS special “What Can Women Do for Hair Loss?” Dr. Bernstein is interviewed by Julie Chen regarding the issues facing women who suffer from hair loss. The CBS segment also showcases a hair transplant patient of Dr. Bernstein and explores the diagnostic challenges and various treatment options available to women.


New York Magazine Recognizes Dr. Bernstein in “The Best Beauty Docs in New York” Special Issue
In the “Best Beauty Docs” in New York 2003, Dr. Bernstein is recognized as being among the City’s Top Cosmetic Dermatologists and commended for his pioneering work in Follicular Unit Transplantation and the natural looking results that this procedure achieves.

Dr. Bernstein is Host Surgeon at the ISHRS in his Manhattan Facility

Dr. Bernstein has the honor of being “Host Surgeon” at the Live Surgery Workshop at the 11th Annual International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Meeting in New York, NY. At the workshop, Dr. Bernstein showed his method of Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction to the other hair restoration surgeons.

Dr. Bernstein Chairs Hair Loss Advisory Panel

Dr. Bernstein serves as the Program Chair and Moderator for the Hair Loss Advisory Panel. This program is sponsored by Healthology for the purpose of providing information on the diagnosis and newest treatments of patterned hair loss in men and women.


Dr. Bernstein Selected for New York Magazine’s “The Best Doctors in New York” for 5th Consecutive Year

This annual issue in New York Magazine reports the results of Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., publishers where they selected Dr. Bernstein through a peer-review process of 12,000 nominees. The medical professionals are asked to nominate the best doctors in a particular field, physicians to whom they would refer their own family, friends as well as patients.

Dr. Bernstein Presents Results of “Graft Anchoring Study”

In this presentation at the 12th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery held in Vancouver, Canada, Bernstein presents the results of his study that answers the crucial question “How much time does it actually take following a hair transplant so that the grafts are permanent and cannot be dislodged?” The results of the study are used to guide patients in their post-operative care. This important study has been accepted for publication in Dermatologic Surgery.

Dr. Bernstein Writes Sections in Unger’s Text on “Hair Transplantation”

Dr. Walter Unger’s classic text “Hair Transplantation” published by Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, NY, 4th Edition edited by Unger and Shapiro, includes Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation for the first time. Bernstein writes the sections titled “The Rational for Follicular Unit Transplantation” and “Techniques for Limiting the Amount of Epinephrine in Large Hair Restoration Surgeries.”

Dr. Bernstein Discusses Issues in Density and Graft Growth at International Meeting

On a panel of distinguished hair restoration surgeons at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 12th Annual Scientific Meeting, in Vancouver, Canada, Bernstein highlights some concerns about the growth of follicular unit grafts when dense packing techniques are used in excess or when used on inappropriate candidates, such as patients who have significant sun damage on their scalp.

Drs. Bernstein and Rassman publish “Follicular Unit Extraction Megasessions”

In Follicular Unit Extraction Megasessions: Evolution of a Technique, that appeared in Hair Transplant Forum International, Bernstein and Rassman discuss the use of the new technique of FUE to transplant large numbers of grafts in a single session. In the paper they discuss the advantages over small FUE sessions. However, they describe the difficulty in extracting intact follicular unit grafts from previously harvested areas and caution that the technique of FUE may result in decreased overall yield.


Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration is Founded

Robert M. Bernstein, M.D. forms Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration to provide patients with the most advanced medical and surgical therapies for hereditary baldness using his pioneering Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction techniques. The Center is solely devoted to the treatment of hair loss.

Bernstein Medical Launches Comprehensive Website on Hair Restoration is created to provide a truly educational resource for understanding hair loss and the treatment of baldness. The site offers detailed explanations to most commonly asked questions of hair loss sufferers and provides an in-depth resource for information on more detailed issues relating to hair restoration. With photos, diagrams, video and useful links, this site is a virtual encyclopedia for the treatment of hair loss.

Dr. Bernstein is Featured on The Today Show

Hosted by Matt Lauer, The Today Show special, “What Men Will Do for a Few More Strands of Hair,” is a three-day series on hair loss and its treatment. Dr. Bernstein and his hair transplant patient are featured in the segment that focuses on hair transplantation and Dr. Bernstein’s pioneering follicular unit transplantation techniques.

Dr. Bernstein Lectures on Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation at New York Teaching Hospitals

Dr. Bernstein gives lectures to the Department of Plastic Surgery, New York Presbyterian Hospital, and Cornell University in New York and to the Department of Plastic Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. In these lectures, he presents the newest techniques in surgical hair restoration to the plastic surgery residents.

Bernstein in New York Magazine’s “The Best Doctors in New York” for 6th Year

Dr. Bernstein is honored to be included in this list of prominent physicians for the 6th consecutive year. The selection takes into account the physician’s education, residency, board certification, hospital appointment, disciplinary record and reputation for dealing with patients. This year, Dr. Bernstein is the only hair transplant surgeon in New York to receive this recognition.

Dr. Bernstein Presents New Instrumentation for Follicular Unit Extraction at International Meeting

At the 13th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Bernstein presents a new method of performing Follicular Unit Extraction using a specially designed instrument that minimizes trauma to hair follicles.

Dr. Bernstein Discusses Challenges of Corrective Surgery at ISHRS

On a panel of distinguished hair transplant surgeons at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 13th Annual Scientific Meeting in Sydney, Australia, Bernstein speaks on the particular nuances of repairing the cosmetic problems that resulted from older techniques and poor surgical planning.

Bernstein Authors Chapter on Hair Transplantation in Textbook “Surgery of the Skin”

Surgery of the Skin, published by Elsevier-Mosby and edited by Robinson, Hanke, Sengelmann and Siegel, is a monumental work that has been written to “To capture the art and practice of dermatologic surgery at the beginning of this century.” Dr. Bernstein has the honor of writing the chapter on Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation.

Bernstein and Rassman Write Chapter on Hair Transplantation in Dermatology Clinics

As a follow-up to the ground-breaking “The Logic of Follicular Transplantation,” which appeared in Dermatology clinics in 1999 and discussed the evolution and rationale for follicular unit hair transplantation, Dr. Bernstein’s 2005 paper on the same subject, published in a special issue on Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, describes the techniques of follicular unit hair transplantation as the procedure enters its second decade.


Bernstein in New York Magazine’s “The Best Doctors in New York” for 7th Year

Dr. Bernstein is honored to be included in this list of prominent physicians for the 7th consecutive year. In the selection process, medical professionals are asked to nominate the best doctors in a particular field, doctors that they would refer their own family members and patients to. They are asked to take into account the physician’s education, residency, board certification, hospital appointment, disciplinary record and reputation for dealing with patients.

Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction

Dr. Bernstein, and his colleagues, Dr. Rassman and Dr. Harris, write the chapters in Haber and Stough’s new textbook on Hair Transplantation that describe the two major hair restoration techniques developed over the past decade. These chapters explain the current status of both Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and discuss controversial issues regarding these techniques. Areas of key interest are the lateral slit technique for recipient sites and the new 3-step method for FUE.

Bernstein Uses Scientific Methods to Establish Post-op Guidelines After Hair Transplants

To answer the long-asked question of exactly how much time it takes after a hair restoration procedure for the transplanted grafts to be securely anchored in place, Dr. Bernstein examined the transplanted grafts histologically. In the study, Graft Anchoring in Hair Transplantation published in Dermatologic Surgery, Dr. Bernstein showed that by 9 days following a follicular unit hair transplant, grafts could not be dislodged. In addition, this interval could be shortened to one week if patients can prevent crusts from forming during the immediate post-op period. This information is now used by physicians to refine the post-op advice they give to their patients.

Bernstein Develops a New Instrumentation for Follicular Unit Extraction

A major limitation in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the damage to follicles caused by the sharp instrument that separates the follicular unit grafts from the surrounding tissue. In three-step FUE, a blunt instrument is used to prevent this injury. A limitation of the 3-step procedure is that it is strictly dependent upon the complexities of instrument design. In this paper on New Instrumentation, Dr. Bernstein sorts out the essential elements of the 3-step process and designs a simple instrument to help achieve the goal of eliminating injury to grafts.

Launch of

This new website, sponsored by Bernstein Medical, serves as a place where questions about hair transplant procedures are answered by persons who have actually had the procedure themselves. This hair transplant forum is unique in that it enables viewers the ability to ask question anonymously about all aspects of hair restoration surgery.

Dr. Bernstein Honored as “Pioneer of the Month”

Hair Transplant Forum International honors Dr. Bernstein as “Pioneer of the Month” for his pioneering work in Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation. “In 1995, a surgeon just entering the field of hair transplantation became aware of these natural follicular units and came to believe that they should be the building blocks for all hair transplants. His name was Bob Bernstein. From 1995 to 2000, Bob and his colleague Dr. Bill Rassman articulated the rationale and benefits of FUT in dozens of publications and numerous lectures. Doubtlessly, Bob’s extraordinary effort advocating FUT in public forums during that time was critical to FUT’s rapid evolution and acceptance among surgeons.”

Bernstein Launches Hair Transplant Blog

Dr. Bernstein creates a new Medical Weblog to help hair loss suffers learn more about their condition and the best possible treatment options. The Hair Transplant Blog covers a wide range of topics from the diagnosis of hair loss to medical and laser therapies. The focus is on Dr. Bernstein’s pioneering hair transplant procedures of Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction. Within six months, the Hair Transplant Blog is the most popular Blog on the internet specifically focusing on surgical hair restoration.


Bernstein Medical Opens Facility Designed for Follicular Unit Transplantation

Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration moves its New York facility to a new location in mid-town Manhattan. It is the first center of its kind specifically designed and engineered to perform state-of-the-art Follicular Unit Hair Transplant procedures.

Bernstein’s Densitometry Paper Makes Cover of Hair Transplant Forum International

In an effort to give hair restoration surgeons more precise diagnostic information in their evaluation for patients considering hair transplants, Dr. Bernstein and his colleague Dr. Rassman use the techniques of densitometry and video-microscopy to analyze the scalp under high-powered magnification. The technique gives important information on hair density, follicular unit composition and hair shaft diameter. The new tools give physicians vital information for making decisions about whether patients are candidates for surgical hair restoration, the amount of donor tissue needed for the hair transplant procedure, and to help them better predict how the results of the hair transplant will ultimately look.

Dr. Bernstein Appointed Clinical Professor at Columbia University

The Trustees of Columbia University appoints Dr. Bernstein as Clinical Professor of Dermatology on April 1, 2007.  This promotion was based on Dr. Bernstein’s teaching, lectures, research, original scientific papers, and outstanding patient care. The Department of Dermatology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University is a major center for basic science and clinical research.

Dr. Bernstein Named “Best Doctor” by New York Magazine for 8th Year

Robert M. Bernstein, MD has been selected again as one of NY Magazine’s best doctors. The June 11, 2007 issue presented the findings of Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd, publishers of the guidebook, Top Doctors, America’s Top Doctors, Top Doctors: New York Metro Area. Dr. Bernstein is the only hair transplantation surgeon included in this list of prominent physicians for eight consecutive years.

Bernstein Medical Center’s Website Wins World Wide Web Health Award

The World Wide Web Health Awards, organized by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC), names one of the Internet’s best resources for outstanding health information, based on accuracy, success in reaching the targeted audience, and overall quality. has been recognized for helping those with hair loss make educated decisions regarding their treatment options including preventative measures and possible hair transplant surgery.


Columbia University Medical Center Awards Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Bernstein

Robert M. Bernstein, M.D., Clinical Professor of Dermatology, receives Certificate of Appreciation from Columbia University Medical Center for his “sustained contributions to the academic programs of the Department of Dermatology of Columbia University.”

Dr. Bernstein Named “Best Doctor” by New York Magazine for Ninth Consecutive Year

June 9, 2008, Robert M. Bernstein, M.D., was selected as one of NY Magazine’s best doctors for the 9th consecutive year.  Annually, New York Magazine presents the findings of Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd, publishers of Top Doctors, America’s Top Doctors, and Top Doctors: New York Metro Area.  Dr. Bernstein is the only hair transplantation surgeon who has been included in this list of prominent physicians for nine consecutive years.

Dr. Bernstein Appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show

On a special episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, co-hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Bernstein was invited to discuss his pioneering follicular unit hair transplant procedure and the newest diagnostic techniques for hair restoration. Oprah opened the segment asking Dr. Bernstein “Do hair transplants really work?” After he explained the procedure, viewers were shown video footage of Dr. Bernstein performing a hair transplant and the patient from the video came on stage to be examined by Oprah.

Hair Loss & Replacement for Dummies

December 3, 2008, publication of the definitive layman’s book on hair restoration: Hair Loss & Replacement For Dummies written by internationally-respected hair transplant pioneers Dr. William R. Rassman and Dr. Robert M. Bernstein. This book offers readers not only the full gamut of modern-day hair-care options, but crucial tips on how to avoid unscrupulous hair transplant doctors and potentially harmful products as well.

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