How Does Bernstein Medical’s Photo Consult Service Work?

March 8th, 2016

Dr. Wolfeld discusses Bernstein Medical’s Photo Consult service, which allows prospective patients to have a hair loss consultation with the doctor from the comfort and privacy of their own home — wherever in the world that may be.

Dr. Wolfeld: When I receive a photo consult via our website, the first thing I do is read the clinical information that is submitted by the patient. I look at their age, (their) if they have any surgical history — such as any previous hair transplants — if they are on any medications for their hair, and what their desires and their goals are from a hair transplant procedure.

I also will then review their photos, and taking into account the photos that have been submitted and their clinical information, I can at that point get a sense of whether or not the patient is a surgical candidate. If I believe that person is a surgical candidate, I will suggest how many grafts I think are optimal and which type of procedure may be best for that specific patient.

If I am unsure, based on the clinical information that is submitted, if a patient is a surgical candidate at that time, then I will recommend that the patient come in for an in-person hair loss consultation when they are in the New York City area.

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Posted by Michael B. Wolfeld M.D. on March 8th, 2016 at 8:05 am

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