Why Wait a Year to Assess the Aesthetic Outcome of a Hair Transplant?

February 29th, 2016

Dr. Wolfeld discusses the reasons why doctors recommend waiting a full year to assess the outcome of a hair transplant.

Dr. Wolfeld: Following a hair restoration procedure, whether or not you’ve undergone an FUT or FUE procedure, one must be patient. It takes approximately a year for the transplanted hair to fully grow in. In the first several months, you may see some loss of your natural hair, which is referred to as shock hair loss, and you will see the shedding of the hair that was transplanted. The follicles that were transplanted are still present, and over the ensuing year, you will see the hair start to grow in.

Some hairs may grow faster than others, so you just have to be patient. It’s very hard to determine after a short period of time — whether it’s one month or two months, or even six months — the outcome of a hair transplant procedure. You have to give it time, see how it grows in, and after a full year then you can make a determination of how the transplant procedure went, and the outcomes aesthetically from the surgery.

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Posted by Michael B. Wolfeld M.D. on February 29th, 2016 at 9:56 am

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